WraySec Sponsors AITP National Collegiate Conference® Cyber Security Challenge

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WraySec Sponsors AITP National Collegiate Conference® Cyber Security Challenge

Chicago, IL: On April 9th 2016, WraySec LLC., a Cyber Security Consulting firm, based out of the central Pennsylvania area, hosted the 2016 Association of Information Technology Professionals National Collegiate Conference and Career Fair® (AITP-NCC) Security Challenge at the Hyatt Regency Chicago O'Hare Hotel. The AITP-NCC is an annual conference dedicated to building relationships between collegiate students and the Information Technology industry.

The AITP-NCC attracted over 675 IT students and faculty, coming from 60 different colleges and universities, in addition to industry organizations and professionals. Furthermore, the AITP-NCC included a career fair, talks from industry experts, on-site certification testing, and many other IT-centric challenges.

The AITP-NCC Security Challenge started with a qualification round, which attracted more than 85 participants. The top ten (10) finalists from the qualification round moved onto the final round, competing in a puzzle-based cyber exercise competition. The puzzles were built by WraySec and tailored to entry-level job roles and tasks in Defensive and Offensive Cyber Security Operations. The scoring was provided via WraySec's CyExNg, a Cyber Exercise Engine currently in closed beta. CyExNg is designed to streamline the scoring of cyber exercises, ranging from internal training events to international cyber competitions, often times referred to as a capture the flag or simply a 'CTF'.

WraySec CEO, Justin Wray, was pleased with the event. "Competitions are amazing experiences. They bring out the best of the best, and provide the participants an outlet to show off their skills", he expressed. Mr. Wray went on to explain that competitions aren't just about winning either, “they are an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and identify areas where you want to focus further.” WraySec COO, Steve Collmann, indicated that he too was happy with the event. “These types of events are exciting for everyone. Even spectators get a thrill out of watching the scoreboard. When asked about the outcome of the competition, Mr. Collmann pointed out that it ran very smoothly from both organizational and technical standpoints. “I personally thought the event was a rounding success, and beneficial for all those whom participated,” stated Mr. Collmann.

This year's AITP-NCC Cyber Security Challenge included puzzles in numerous categories, including: Web Security, Network Forensics, Password Security, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography, and Steganography. Participants had two hours to complete as many puzzles as possible. As the participants completed each puzzle, they found a “flag” and submitted it for points. Mr. Collmann explained that a flag was essentially, “[an] answer to a question.” The questions were formulated around the theme of the exercise, in this case: Banking. “Banking is a service everyone uses, and security is a huge concern for both the banks and their customers.” said Mr. Collmann. Mr. Wray further explained, “We want the challenges to be realistic and have real-world applicability. They need to be something everyone can relate to.” And real-world it was; USAA was among the sponsors involved at this year's AITP-NCC.

Kevin Jetton, the AITP-NCC Director, announced the top three placements and honorable mentions for the Cyber Security Challenge at the AITP-NCC Closing Award Banquet. Those winners were as follows:


Cody Lingle

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale


Isaac Sagert

Waukesha County Technical College


Charles Russell

Waukesha County Technical College

Honorable Mentions:

Richard Rhodd

Kennesaw State University


Amber McCrea

Gateway Technical College


Amanda Blair

Horry-Georgetown Technical College


Daniel Hernandez

Oklahoma Panhandle State University


Josh Forbis

University of Central Missouri


Brandon Wolf

University of Wisconsin – Stout


Theresa LaMott

Waukesha County Technical College

WraySec would like to congratulate all of those who participated in both the qualification and to all of the finalists!

About AITP: The Association of Information Technology Professionals is the leading organization of its kind, including professionals from every part of the IT Industry. Founded in 1951, AITP seeks to advance the IT Profession through professional development, support of IT education, and national policies on IT that improve society as a whole. AITP is based in Mount Laurel, NJ.

About WraySec, LLC: WraySec, LLC (WraySec) is a Cyber Security startup dedicated to cutting edge solutions, which provide critical value to their clients. WraySec specializes in Cyber Security Consulting, Services, and Products.

WraySec is conveniently located in the Central Pennsylvania area, providing quick access to the Mid-Atlantic region, from Washington, DC to New York City. Additionally, WraySec provides on-site and remote services to customers all over the globe.

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